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Sweet Rolls & Cornbread

13 Jan 08


Well, I'm still obsessed with mixing my new-found passion for baking with the good old US Army recipes - I've been driven to try a couple of more baking recipes.


I tried a batch of sorta-cinnamon buns, based on this recipe, with a few subs (pumpkin spice recipe rather than straight cinnamon, dried cherries instead of raisins).  Here's the Bakers' Percentage Formulary:


Flour 100
Water 38
Eggs 19
Sugar 18
Shortening 15
Instant yeast 5
Milk powder 3
Salt 2


I made a 750 g batch, and made 12 rolls out of the batch.  Wondering how to shape this sweet dough?  My fave CD has something on that, too!


I made the dough, proofed it overnight, formed it, cut the rolls....


then proofed them again...


before baking in a 375 degree oven for ~21 minutes, and voila!




My baking diary notes include:  "darker than I thought", "fluffy, tender crumb (like hot cross buns", and "not very sweet (maybe try Splenda next time?)".  Still, it was a nice, soft-bready consistency, so I would try it again.


This weekend, I tried adopting this recipe to make some cornbread (actually, corn muffins).  Here's the formula for this one:


Flour 100
Cornmeal 129
Water 214
Eggs 43
Shortening or oil * 43
Milk powder 21
Sugar ** 13
Baking powder 9
Salt 3


* - I used canola oil here.

** - On a whim, I used Splenda instead of sugar.


Mix the dry, mix the wet, mix wet into dry, pour & bake at 425 degrees for ~30 minutes.  Instead of doing one pan, I made 24 mini-muffins in my silicone form.  The results?





I was worried about having a pretty loose batter, but they ended up very nicely.  Nice consistency, nice crumb, but just a bit too sweet for my cornbread taste.  Next time, I'm going to try cutting the sugar by half.  Otherwise, I'm OK with the result.


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