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Page history last edited by PBworks 18 years, 5 months ago

Tony & Laure's Renovations Page

Italiano - Le fran├žais

Don't be shy about feedback - laure.paquette@lakeheadu.ca or milnewstbay@yahoo.ca .


Before:  Room Photos


Mission Accomplished


Before the Contractor Arrives:  02-01-06

Day 1:  03-01-06

Day 2:  04-01-06

Day 3:  05-01-06

Day 6:  08-01-06

Day 7:  09-01-06

Day 9:  11-01-06

Day 10:  12-01-06

Day 12:  14-01-06

Day 14:  16-01-06

Day 15:  17-01-06

Day 16:  18-01-06

Day 17:  19-01-06

Day 18:  20-01-06

Day 19:  21-01-06

Day 21:  23-01-06

Day 22:  24-01-06

Day 23:  25-01-06

Day 24:  26-01-06

Day 26:  28-01-06


Couch in Living Room


Proposed Couch Covering


Proposed Couch Cushion Pattern


New Couch


Cabinets: Draft Look


Top View


Sink View


Stove View


Picking the Palette



1 - Living Room, Hallway, Dining Room

2 - Front Door Entrance Hall

3 - Kitchen walls

4 - Kitchen Sink Countertop (note tiny flecks in charcoal)



Floor Tile


Granite for stove counter & bar top

You can cut on it without a cutting board and not scratch the counter (although it DOES dull the knives), AND you can rest hot


pans on it without marking it!



(This goes on the wall above the countertop)


Lighting Fixtures


Hallway Lights


Red X's Mark Location of Hallway Lights


Kitchen Lights


Red X's Mark Location of Kitchen Lights


Dining Room Lights


Red X's Mark Location of Dining Room Lights


Plans, Revised (With the Stove in Front of the Kitchen-Living Room Counter)



Plans, Original


Draft Floor Plan

Draft View of Proposed Wall with Stove

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