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HMCS Halifax


26-30 Nov 07


Canada's Navy was gracious enough to invite Dr. Laure Paquette, professor of Political Science at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario to visit the HMCS Halifax during a Task Group Exercise (TGEX) 26 through 30 Nov 07. The Halifax, also known by some crew members as the "Mighty Sleek Greyhound of Death", was joined by the HMCS Iroquois, HMCS Ville de Quebec, HMCS Preserver and HMCS St. John's in the mid-Atlantic off Norfolk, Virginia for this portion of the exercise.


Dr. Paquette has been kind enough to share the photographs below with MILNEWS.ca . High resolution versions of the photos shown here are available on request to news(at)milnews.ca .  She has also posted some of her experiences and insights from the trip to her research blog.


Dr. Paquette would like to thank the crew of the HMCS Halifax for their gracious hospitality during her stay, as well as for their professionalism and sacrifice in carrying out their duties protecting Canada.

HMCS Halifax, berthed in Norfolk


HMCS Halifax crew members preparing to depart from Norfolk


A US Navy Los Angeles Class submarine passing in the Atlantic



The Halifax's 57 mm Bofors Gun


View from the Quarterdeck on the mid-Atlantic



Signal flags hoisted pre-exercise


TOWEX (TOWing EXercise), where HMCS Ville de Quebec

practices positioning itself to tow the Halifax










Boarding party in pre-exercise briefing in HMCS Halifax hangar



Boarding party exercise





HMCS Preserver (right) fuels up HMCS Iroquois in Refueling At Sea (RAS)



Refueling probe approaching HMCS Halifax for its own top up


Reportedly "the manliest of the manly departments" on the Halifax



The four other ships exercising with the HMCS Halifax




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